Vote on Calligraphy!

Namecard saying "Yingtai:
Calligraphy by Xiao Yingtai, 2015

I’m going to do a piece of calligraphy for charity.

You see, I’m going to TES Fest next weekend. They’re having a silent auction to raise funds for the Leather Heart Foundation and NCSF. Both great causes!

But I’m not sure what I should write. Please help me decide?

1. Beatings quote

“The beatings will continue until morale improves.”
– source unknown

2. Knees quote

“On my knees I think clearer.” – U2

3. Master/slave ambigram

A design that says “Master” when right way up, but “slave” when upside-down. Here’s a rough draft.


Which one is your favourite?

Please let me know soon! I’ve only got a few days to make this happen.

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