Rough Draft: Raven’s Nest

Swash Italic capital R
Calligraphy by Xiao Yingtai, July 2015

No time to blog deep thoughts! I’ve been working on my second-ever commissioned piece.

A slave friend has ordered this for her master, Sir Raven, and it’s SO MUCH FUN. How often do I get to do both English and Chinese in the same piece? And the perfect amount of text!

Here’s the mockup I did for layout purposes. I hope you like it!

Calligraphy by Xiao Yingtai, July 2015
Calligraphy by Xiao Yingtai, July 2015

The final version will be white/metallic ink on black card.

This piece is an incredible challenge for me. I’ve never done a diamond layout. The style of the small script in the frame is new to me. It’s a record number of big flourishes, and balancing the two sides took a lot of experimenting. Also it would probably have been more sane if I hadn’t tried out a dozen inks and nibs/brushes in search of combinations that would distinguish three different text elements and look opaque on black … you get the idea. Even my geometry kit came out of the closet.

I can’t believe the Chinese is the easiest part.

Yes, sanity is in short supply right now, but oh my God the kitten is enjoying her inky paws!

Many thanks to Sir Raven and her slave for allowing me to post this!

What do you think?