Not Censored. Thank You Everyone!

Thank-you calligraphy with pen and ink
Image and calligraphy by Yingtai
Irregular updates from now on. And yes, that’s my calligraphy.

You guys are amazing! Support came from everywhere – BDSM blogging friends, Blogging 201 classmates, WordPress staff and HostGator staff.

I got scared after my last post, because Ferns alerted me to one of her old posts on the Domme Chronicles. It seems that last year BDSM blogs were being killed left and right for pornography links, especially monetising them. And here I was blithely discussing, excerpting and linking to rape porn. Yikes. Squarely in the grey area.

But believe it or not, someone from the Terms of Service team heard about my forum situation and reached out to give me official confirmation that my blog is fine! Wow.

If censorship were the only worry, I’d go back to The witch-hunt is evidently over (for now). But it’s always been a matter of time before I switched over to self-hosting. The coding limitations were frustrating from the start, but I kept telling myself that my joints needed the space to convalesce. And I did indeed go crazy replicating my formatting in six hours flat, but HostGator deserves its reputation for technical support. I’m staying put.

However, the repetitive stress injury has lodged serious complaints, and real life has fallen behind too. I want to keep my promise to publish Abject Submission 3: Only the Gift this Saturday, but after that, no more regular commitments. Unfortunately, I also need to stop tweeting unergonomically. I’ve pruned my account like crazy so maybe I won’t miss too much.

But some happy news too. Today’s featured image is blurry, ill-lit and – for once – all mine! You will see more of my calligraphy in future, starting with a new favicon. And why yes, I am happy to take orders. [cough] Of course.

And thank you, everyone. You know who you are.

Featured image by Yingtai, 30 April 2014.

10 thoughts on “Not Censored. Thank You Everyone!”

  1. Glad it went so smoothly. And yes, that calligraphy is lovely.

    I laughed at this gifset
    the other day. I’d love to see a whole bunch of sweary abuse hand written with beautiful penmanship :P.


    1. It pains me so much to decline the very first request! Although it’s true that I only promised to respond to orders. :p And I would happily write obscenities for pay, it’s just that that’s one order I wouldn’t ask permission to display on this blog.

      How about a compromise? Shakespearean insults? My favourite so far is “Methink’st thou art a general offence and every man should beat thee.”

      Where’s my red ink?

  2. “This above all: to thine own self be true.”

    Your calligraphy is exceptional. You should utilize it in the headlines to your posts.

  3. No wonder your little hands hurt all the time. Between blogging and calligraphy, the stress has to be extreme.

    1. LOL! Believe it or not, calligraphy makes my neck hurt, not my hands. And blogging is more likely to make me gasp for breath. Isn’t the human body strange? Thank goodness I’m finally getting treatment that works.

  4. I get the impression that the one causing you such heartache in your forum posting was behind most of the witch-hunting, though I don’t know that for certain. She is the reason I no longer participate in the forums — she’s scary.

    1. That is pretty scary! I can’t really blame her for acting on her convictions, but I do wish I could sit down and answer her questions for half an hour. Though I have to admit there is something to the theory that witch-hunters are the ones who have the most to hide, so maybe there would be no point. Brr!

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