It’s a Bad Day for Rope Consent

Image by Adam Clarke (CC BY‑SA 2.0)

I’m troubled by the recent consent violation news in the FetLife rope community. I need to clear a crazy work deadline before I write about it, but I thought I would at least share the reports with you for now.

Please note that you will need a FetLife login (it’s free). And if you want to make sense of the apparent contradictions, then keep reading into the comments.

Edit: Originally Peter Slemrian also posted an “Open letter from the abuser” which has since been removed. I saved a copy (including comments) and you can email me.

Those are the core links, but if you want to get the full picture, you may be interested in the following as well.

Edit: More links.

  • Naming names – A different consent violator. Administrators removed the names, but you can email me and I’ll remember.

I’m wrestling with related issues in my personal life and it’s hard. Female commenters, if you can spare a virtual hug, I could use one.

4 thoughts on “It’s a Bad Day for Rope Consent”

  1. Better late than never. Here’s a hug from a Domme who thinks that the enthusiastic consent of my partner is one of the most beautiful things ever offered.

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