Bouncing Back from Depression

Boy laughing
Image courtesy of Willem Velthoven (CC BY‑NC 2.0)

I am jumping up and down for joy. I just lost all the weight I gained from depression last year!

It was more than ten percent of my body weight, and I gained it in one year flat. The doctor was really worried because my family develops diabetes when we’re overweight.

So I tried to diet for the first time in my life. And I got so discouraged that I had stopped looking at the scale. And now this wonderful surprise!

Admittedly, I still have 1kg (a couple of pounds) to go. Wish me luck!

Ecstatic boy jumping off a post
Image courtesy of Vinoth Chandar (CC BY 2.0).

Now back to figuring out whether it was bad for me to eroticise all that depression … I’ll need your luck with that, too!

What do you think?