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This blog is not an introduction to BDSM. This is the stuff that’s so weird no one else bothered to write it, not the essential foundations.

Updating schedule: Irregular from 28 August 2014 onwards.

Comments and contact: This is not a free speech zone. I welcome suggestions and disagreement, but love letters and chat-up lines are depressing and will probably be rejected.

Jargon: My aim is to be relatively accessible to readers coming from different backgrounds. If I’ve used jargon without an explanatory link, please alert me.

All content from elsewhere appears with attributions and/or links.

If you would like to reuse my content, whether commercially or non-commercially, please contact me.

Self-censorship: I prefer restrained language and images, but I don’t censor the topics I write about. You should get an initial popup warning for disturbing content.

God is a figure of speech for me, no more or less.

Amazon Associates: I have left this programme.

FetLife: This blog is not restricted to FetLife.com because I share Maymay’s concern about self-ghettoization. Resources are disappearing from the open web that are still needed outside the self-identified kink community.

Accessibility: This site aims to maximise accessibility for low-vision users. I welcome your suggestions/criticisms.

Fonts: In blog posts you will see Droid Sans. In the header image the fonts are Trajan (uppercase) and Poetica (lowercase).

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A combination of the first Chinese character in Yingtai and the A of Abject Submission  This profile image is my own calligraphy, May 2014.


Warning: This website discusses BDSM, rape, abuse and other disturbing content.

I recommend Scarleteen for honest sex education.

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