An orange peeled to reveal a lemon

Subverted Tropes: The Fiction of the Unexpected

An orange peeled to reveal a lemon

I love the traditional tropes of BDSM and slave fic – melting the dom’s dom, rescuing the fragile abused slave, Evil Is Sexy, mmmmm.

But I also love it when authors turn these tropes inside out. Here are my favourites of this kind, fan fiction and original work, free and paid. They’re all completed works that can be read as kink, but otherwise quite diverse (except for the overrepresentation of M/m).

If you’re not worried about spoiling the surprise, just skip down to the SPOILER ALERT to see the list of tropes. You’ll wonder how some of these could possibly work, but I think they do. This list is ruthlessly constrained to the stories that say something new and manage to be [cough] entertaining – at least to me.

Online Stories (i.e. Free!)

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Three heart-shaped chocolates

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Sadists

Three heart-shaped chocolates

One of my close friends is a sadist. Some of her favourite stories fall squarely into my definition of horror.

She is also terminally warm-hearted. She can’t finish reading some of my favourite stories because the ethical problems upset her so much.

And she used to worry whether she was evil.

This post is for her.

I am told that from the inside, dominance feels selfish, possessive, atavistic. As Raven Kaldera puts it, most people “don’t want to be the focus of the predator who wants to piss on them and declare them to be territory, to be hoarded and defended.” And sadism seems to add another dimension: it’s slavering at the end of the leash, you’re afraid it will eat the guests. Guy Baldwin describes the experience of topping as “this delicate balancing act on the razor’s edge between the urge to rape, pillage and destroy and the need for self-restraint”.

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Warning: This website discusses BDSM, rape, abuse and other disturbing content.

I recommend Scarleteen for honest sex education.

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